Super Easy Paper Bows made from Sticky Notes

Easy paper bows

I am a big fan of gift toppers – ribbons, flowers, bows – bring them on. It’s always wonderful to receive a gift, and seeing that special touch of an embellishment is really nice too.

Sometimes you may have so much going on that crafting a fancy topper or making that run to the stationery shop may be out of the question. While looking for quick options to create a bow, I came across this one from the inspiring designer at How about Orange. Since I didn’t have a printer on hand, I decided to use the inspiration to make my own version with sticky notes.

These paper bows have come to my rescue often, making that simple gift a wee bit more endearing. And the best part is that they don’t need any elaborate printing or cutting. Just use your trusty sticky notes to give a gift added flair.

I’ve used sticky note prompts, but you can make these from pretty much any size or shape of sticky notes.

Handy supplies for paper bows


Supplies from your desk

• sticky note prompts – 3 per bow

• a glue stick or Fevicol

• a pair of scissors

• a pencil (optional)









How to make the paper bows

Paper bows start

Crafting the Bow

1. Take one note prompt and create a loop by sticking together the narrow edges. Now repeat with the second note.

2. Slide a pencil into the loop and pinch the glued edges as shown above. Glue the pinched bits to create a gentle crease. Do this for the other loop as well.

3. Stick the two loops to each other by overlapping the pinched edges.

4. Set aside for the joint to dry.

DIY paper bow

Tidying it up

5. Now take the third sticky note and snip off a narrow piece from one end.

6. Wrap it tightly around the pencil to curl it. Hold for a few seconds and unfurl the curly strip.

7. Cover the joint with this sliver of paper; glue the edges to the bow.

8. Hold the paper in place with your fingers until the glue dries.

DIY2 post it paper bow

Adding finishing touches

9. Fold the remaining piece of the third sticky note in half.

10. Snip off a triangle from the open side to create the ends for the bow.

11. Unfold and cut along the crease to get two pieces. Glue each piece to the back of a loop of the bow so that the edge with the ‘V’ sticks out over the loop.

12. Ta-da. Your pretty, chic bow is now ready to adorn your gift.

These super quick, easy bows look great on gift boxes, paper bags, books and can even cheer up a brown paper bag. So go ahead and make some right away!


Free printable Farewell card

Lately, I have been thinking about all the people we end up leaving behind when we move to a new place. And how it would be nice to leave a personal message for a friend or two. So I designed two simple farewell cards for an imminent move.

And am sharing them here, just in case you want to drop a line to someone too. They’re super easy to make – print, cut and fold. Download the PDF for the Yellow Card or the Green one from Issuu.

The finished card is 5.5″ x 4.25″ and will fit in a standard A-2 sized envelope when printed at 100%. You can open the file in Adobe Reader which you can download free here.

Free Download Fresh Sprig New Year cards and stationery Printables

Hello. It’s that time of the year when we begin to reflect on the year gone by, so we can look forward to the year coming in. I’ve had a full year, met new people, travelled to far off lands and experienced a whole lot of new things. I hope I’ve grown wiser too!

Am off to Mumbai early tomorrow to ring in the new year with family and friends. There are a bunch of special events and festivities in the first week celebrating personal milestones of people close to me. It promises to be an exciting beginning to what promises to be an exciting year. 

As the year draws to a close, am always looking for a way of saying thank you to people I love. And a note or a letter can help me do it. I’ve decided to giveaway a free printable to anyone who’s looking for a sweet way to send a personal message to loved ones. With this Fresh Sprig New Year Stationery set, you can say a simple Happy New Year or write your very own message. The set also comes with stickers to dress up your envelopes and a letter pad design in case you decide to write a quaint letter.

You can download it here

Go, on send your wishes to people you care about and who in turn have cared for you. The fresh greens signal the start of a new season of love, hope, happiness, friendships and adventures. May the sunshine be with you!

sunny nomad me