I know it’s quite cheesy to say this, but am going to risk it – Love is in the Air! It is February after all.

While I believe that we don’t need a special day to tell people that we love them, I still like to indulge mildly in this month of pink and crimson. Yes, St. Valentine’s Day is a one of those hyper-commercialized days even in India. But, if we don’t give in to the hoopla, isn’t any excuse great to have special time together? To simply expresses how grateful you are that you found this person. To tell them you are the luckiest person alive to be with them. To just put all your feelings down on paper. And to do it in a fun and special way.

Each day of the year, we express our love through actions – by showing care, by tuning in to the other person’s needs and even by just lending a helping hand. On hallmark days, a simple gesture to express your love tells your partner that you have taken the time to think about them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be surprised with a love note yourself?

Ever since I can remember, I have never really obsessed about Valentine’s Day. That specific date. Back in college, we used to have a ‘Rose Day’ sometime in February. A day celebrating secret crushes and love (because you could send anonymous rose cards). When I started working, my agency used the same idea, but we didn’t make a day of it. A half hour after lunch was spent listening to poetic messages (most were anonymous, again) and swapping chocolates. All through my teen years, it was mandatory for girlfriends and boyfriends to give each other cards. So the point am trying to make, is that for me, the celebration of love is closely linked to messages on paper. An email will just not cut it.

All of this was running through my mind last week, and I wanted to create something that would let us say ‘I Love You’ without being predictable. I saw the abundance of flowers, cute animals, hearts and chocolates swirling around as tokens of love,  but my mind kept searching for more. Like most ideas that pop into my head, the one for this card popped in when I was engrossed in a totally unrelated activity. I was pickling! So bizarre. Red chilies being pickled led to me the image you see above. I refined my initial thoughts to craft a couple of messages that I think will work.

The picture above and a message variant is now available as an art print and on other merchandise like iPhone covers, totes and throw pillows in my Society6 Shop. And just for you, I have created a FREE printable card to tell your loved one that they are indeed the spice of your life!

To download your free printable click on this link: Only You Valentine Card

Can you think of a message that will go with this image? If there is something else that you’d like to say to your sweetheart, drop me a line in the comments section below and I’d be happy to work on a custom card for you!

Hope you have a lovely season of LoVe!

Humble Beginnings: A new Store

Hullo everyone. Hope you’ve had a super weekend. The rains have arrived here with some serious gusto and they have kept me indoors all through it, but I’ve been busy.I’ve just set up shop at Society6, a wonderful place for creative people to collaborate, showcase and sell their art. When I first discovered it through a friend (thank you S), I was blown away by the great art that was so affordable. In the early days, I only ogled and spent several hours just browsing through the eclectic collection. Somewhere along the way, I plucked up just enough courage to think of actually creating something and putting it up there.

When I read this article on The NY Times website last week, it really inspired me, and I wanted to spread the message. So, I made this art print that captures Michael Pollen’s word of advice and it became the first art print to go on sale!

I silenced all my inner fears and took the plunge, and can now fancy myself a legitimate artiste, once someone actually buys a piece. I’ve been so excitable that I simply couldn’t sit still, and tapped away at my keyboard until the wee hours to share this news with you.

I hope you take the time to head over to my store and check out all the art prints and other goodies. You can find me at

I’ve also added a new link in the right hand side column that proudly proclaims ‘My Shop’ ( I just couldn’t resist it). There, you will be able to buy copies of pictures I click and add a bit of Sunny Nomad to your life too.

Gleefully signing off, and wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! xo.

Vintage with a Twist: A Class Act

We’ve all heard the age-old wisdom of when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I thought of taking a shot at it, and came up with this art print. Why not be classy, stare life in the eye, and make some lemon tea? Surviving a challenge with grace, charm and style makes me feel much better while am trying to get through it. The key of course is to remember that you will get on the other side, it’s the middle that sucks, but is going to pass. Hang in there buddy, you’re gonna make it.


Free printable Farewell card

Lately, I have been thinking about all the people we end up leaving behind when we move to a new place. And how it would be nice to leave a personal message for a friend or two. So I designed two simple farewell cards for an imminent move.

And am sharing them here, just in case you want to drop a line to someone too. They’re super easy to make – print, cut and fold. Download the PDF for the Yellow Card or the Green one from Issuu.

The finished card is 5.5″ x 4.25″ and will fit in a standard A-2 sized envelope when printed at 100%. You can open the file in Adobe Reader which you can download free here.

Colour Fest – Happy Holi!

Tomorrow is Holi, and so is women’s day. While Holi is the festival of colours, women’s day celebrates women’s achievements and  is an occasion to show respect, appreciation and love to the important women in your life.

Holi is not the most favourite festival for a lot of women I know. I stopped indulging in plastering people with colour way back in my teens. Somehow I just didn’t like the idea. And I feel none of the pride that some of my countrymen do, when covered in a revolting mix of colours from tip to toe. The pink gulaal is the most impactful and pinkish imps abound everywhere days after Holi. Maybe the cultural aspect of the festival is completely lost on me, thanks to my ‘paranoia’ of not wanting to be assaulted by strange men.

But not to put a dampener on the spirit of the celebration of colour, I thought of a good way to still indulge in Holi in my own way. Here’s a little something I drew up to declare my love of colours. I love all the shades and tones of bright, happy, warm, cool colours out there. Neon is my latest passion.

I’d love to know how you celebrate colours and what your favourite colours are. Happy Holi!

Free Printable Poster: For the love of Chai

My morning cup of tea is what has kept me alive all these years. There’s only one thing I do regularly, and that is enjoy my first cup of chai. N has learnt the hard way not to bother me until I’ve had my first sip. It’s my favourite ritual, and am very protective of this special me-time!

I have fond memories associated with cutting chai, one of my favourite ways to down my poison. It reminds me of hours spent on campus, lazing under the trees, having the most interesting conversations that only leisurely mornings can afford. Then there are those quick chai-breaks at work with friends, the 10 minutes we allow ourselves to either forget about the impending presentation or rant about something that is making life difficult. By the time the chai is drained from the cup, the tension has evaporated. Or the cutting chai with khari (a kind of puffy biscuit), in the wee hours of the morning, just after a three-day college fest has been wrapped up.

When I pack my bags for travel, I always wonder if the destination will be able to satisfy this whim of mine. So I carry a small box of Chai Masala when I travel to places that I know won’t live up to my tea expectations. It adds the addictive desi flavour to even the blandest of teas, making all the difference between a dull and a lovely day.  

I’ve been missing my Mumbai cutting chai so much lately, I thought of doing something to say how much I love it! So here’s a poster I made, which I think is the beginning of a series of chai-obsessed things am going to design. If you’d like your own copy to print and mount, just drop me a line and I’ll share a link with you.

Oh, and pray tell me, what is the one thing you can’t start your day without?

Free Download Fresh Sprig New Year cards and stationery Printables

Hello. It’s that time of the year when we begin to reflect on the year gone by, so we can look forward to the year coming in. I’ve had a full year, met new people, travelled to far off lands and experienced a whole lot of new things. I hope I’ve grown wiser too!

Am off to Mumbai early tomorrow to ring in the new year with family and friends. There are a bunch of special events and festivities in the first week celebrating personal milestones of people close to me. It promises to be an exciting beginning to what promises to be an exciting year. 

As the year draws to a close, am always looking for a way of saying thank you to people I love. And a note or a letter can help me do it. I’ve decided to giveaway a free printable to anyone who’s looking for a sweet way to send a personal message to loved ones. With this Fresh Sprig New Year Stationery set, you can say a simple Happy New Year or write your very own message. The set also comes with stickers to dress up your envelopes and a letter pad design in case you decide to write a quaint letter.

You can download it here

Go, on send your wishes to people you care about and who in turn have cared for you. The fresh greens signal the start of a new season of love, hope, happiness, friendships and adventures. May the sunshine be with you!

sunny nomad me