Little Rainbows in a Jar

Colours really make me happy, they put a smile on my face. Just glancing at this corner of my desk where I’ve stored some felt pompoms in an old jam jar, every once in a while makes me feel joyful. Colours have always had that effect on me. As you may have noticed, yellow is my favourite colour. It has the magical ability to uplift my spirits. Could be one of the reasons I love Goa so much. I have never seen such wonderfully yellow, mustardy, orchery houses anywhere else in India. And the police stations are painted a bright, inviting yellow, somehow making me fall for the Goa all over again. The beaches and sea food do a darn good job of enticing me there in the first place, but these special touches of yellow make a world of difference to me.

Hot pink and coral make me feel quite stylish, I really can’t explain why. Must be some odd wiring in my head. And then there are the divine whites, blues, greens and warm, fuzzy oranges. What’s really fun about shades is trying to mix and match to create interesting, surprising palettes that can help sprinkle some fairy dust on ordinary things to transform them into art. Am inspired by the myriad colours I see in nature – the ultimate master blender.

It’s pretty easy to be my friend, just buy me a box of colours – crayons, water, fabric, glitter. Anything, really.

You can imagine what happens to me in candy shops. What makes your world go round?
Have a lovely weekend.


Photo Project – B for Bougainvillea

In continuation with my resolution to do new things everyday, I have learnt to toy around with Picasa. Until recently, I was happy with leaving pictures untouched. But editing is an addiction. I began with just brightening up the image and now am hooked!
I’ve embarked on an ambitious photo project which requires me to click pictures through the month to cover the English alphabet. I first got inspired to do this when I read about it here on Ez’s blog . However, it’s super difficult to find the time or inspiration to click an image a day, what with the crazy demands of a full-time job in advertising. So am doing a couple of letters at a time over the weekends. I don’t know if I will survive through all 26 letters. But here’s a start.
B for Bougainvillea. Orange, pink, red cascades of these abound in India and make any garden pop with colour. This is a shrub that’s on my way to the beach. I’ve been planning to click it for a while now. The first picture is mildly edited. I’ve played around a lot more with the next three, which are versions of the same click. I love the last one, it reminds me of a Japanese garden.

DIY Paper Box

I was wondering what my project for this week’s DIY mood should be, but since am still away from home, and living in a hotel, I had very little access to imaginative craft supplies. The good ole paper box my dad taught me when I was little was perfect. All you need to make this, is a square sheet of paper of your choice, a pair of scissors and some patience!

Spoiler alert: the box is pretty simple to make once you’ve got the hang of it. The multitude of images I’ve put up here shouldn’t mislead you into thinking it’s a complex project. The photos are simply here to help you follow every step in the crafting.

Start off by folding the square sheet diagonally to form a triangle. Now fold one corner of the triangle to create a smaller triangle. Press firmly along the folds to form creases. Next, open the paper, flatten it and fold it into half and finally into a square.

Push out the edges to form a triangle as shown in the first picture below. Repeat the same for the other side of the square. You will end up with a triangle as shown.

Lift one of the bottom corners of the triangle and fold across to meet the top corner. Do the same with the second bottom corner and repeat it on the other side of the paper. Once you have pressed down firmly on all the folds, pull down the free ends of the folds to as shown in the photo.

Open the folds again, to flatten the sheet of paper. Now, pick up a corner and fold across until the tip touches the dot, as shown. Do this for all four corners.

All the folding is now done, the creases formed are guidelines to craft the box. Fold the paper once again diagonally to form a triangle. Using a scissor, cut along the lines marked with crosses in the photo below. Fold across along the other diagonal and cut along lines in a similar fashion.

The next picture has dotted lines along which you will be folding your paper to finally create the box.

Insert the arrows into the slits as shown below and you have your lovely box ready! You can use it to keep your trinkets, or pack favours or simply hand out candy to kids.

You can experiment with patterns, newspaper prints or write a personal message on the box. I hope you enjoy making these for your next gifting occasion.

Colour Fest – Happy Holi!

Tomorrow is Holi, and so is women’s day. While Holi is the festival of colours, women’s day celebrates women’s achievements and  is an occasion to show respect, appreciation and love to the important women in your life.

Holi is not the most favourite festival for a lot of women I know. I stopped indulging in plastering people with colour way back in my teens. Somehow I just didn’t like the idea. And I feel none of the pride that some of my countrymen do, when covered in a revolting mix of colours from tip to toe. The pink gulaal is the most impactful and pinkish imps abound everywhere days after Holi. Maybe the cultural aspect of the festival is completely lost on me, thanks to my ‘paranoia’ of not wanting to be assaulted by strange men.

But not to put a dampener on the spirit of the celebration of colour, I thought of a good way to still indulge in Holi in my own way. Here’s a little something I drew up to declare my love of colours. I love all the shades and tones of bright, happy, warm, cool colours out there. Neon is my latest passion.

I’d love to know how you celebrate colours and what your favourite colours are. Happy Holi!