Humble Beginnings: A new Store

Hullo everyone. Hope you’ve had a super weekend. The rains have arrived here with some serious gusto and they have kept me indoors all through it, but I’ve been busy.I’ve just set up shop at Society6, a wonderful place for creative people to collaborate, showcase and sell their art. When I first discovered it through a friend (thank you S), I was blown away by the great art that was so affordable. In the early days, I only ogled and spent several hours just browsing through the eclectic collection. Somewhere along the way, I plucked up just enough courage to think of actually creating something and putting it up there.

When I read this article on The NY Times website last week, it really inspired me, and I wanted to spread the message. So, I made this art print that captures Michael Pollen’s word of advice and it became the first art print to go on sale!

I silenced all my inner fears and took the plunge, and can now fancy myself a legitimate artiste, once someone actually buys a piece. I’ve been so excitable that I simply couldn’t sit still, and tapped away at my keyboard until the wee hours to share this news with you.

I hope you take the time to head over to my store and check out all the art prints and other goodies. You can find me at

I’ve also added a new link in the right hand side column that proudly proclaims ‘My Shop’ ( I just couldn’t resist it). There, you will be able to buy copies of pictures I click and add a bit of Sunny Nomad to your life too.

Gleefully signing off, and wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! xo.


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