Shutter Love: Porbandar

Hello, hope you had a lovely weekend. We spent ours travelling from the state of Gujarat to the state of Kerala. En-route, we had a grand time with family and friends in Mumbai. It’s wonderful to be back home though, and am looking forward to a week filled with once-familiar, now blurry in memory sounds, sights and smells.

Before we left Porbandar, I had intended to do a full post which captured the city through my pictures. So here it is, visions of a wonderful time getting to know a new port and people. The pictures capture life around the sea, simply because that is where I hung out most often.

More pictures of Porbandar from a tour of Mahatma Gandhi’s home tomorrow.


This Time That Year: The Big Two

Today, we’re leaving from Porbandar and heading back home to Kerala. Today also happens to be our two-year anniversary. We didn’t have a traditional Indian wedding, we don’t really have a traditional Indian marriage either. We exchanged our vows in a registrar’s office, and celebrated the occasion with an intimate party followed by a large reception in Mumbai.

Did I mention we got married in Goa? By Goan law, I now own half of everything that N has! I don’t think it works the other way around though.

Why this picture you ask? It’s been quite the proverbial ride, these past two years. We’ve moved four houses, 2 states, travelled to yet another one, camped in a hotel room for four months, and visited two beautiful countries. Not to mention the countless trips from wherever I was to Bombay. We’ve moaned about the weight gain after marriage, walked kilometers along beaches, talked about the mundane, the interesting, and pretty much everything in between. Experimented with diets, attempted to recreate classic cuisines, made to-do, to-buy and to-gift lists. Run amok in malls (we’ve lived in tiny hamlets for a while now), exclaimed at the rising prices of milk and eggs, given up on saree shopping for the mothers since we’re both clueless there and discovered the joys of online shopping. Who doesn’t love stuff arriving in brown packages that can be ripped open?

There have been a few downs too, sneaking up suddenly. Just like you come down on the Ferris Wheel and think you’re going to crash to the ground. Why are they called Ferris Wheels? In India we call them Giant Wheels, yes, even the little ones are called that. And Indians love their Giant Wheels. They’re a rarity in the cities, just like the dwindling population of sparrows. That is something to talk about in another post though. The downs, well, while they last they also hold the promise of an upcoming high. So we’ve mostly managed to get by.

We’ve rationalised how we can’t have a dog if we move around so much, and yet melted into a puddle every time one of us finds a picture of a cute pup-we-must-have. I’ve coaxed N out of his digital dinosaur phase and he’s given me tips on driving. I will soon qualify as a woman navigator who’s as good as a man navigator (yeah, apparently there is a bar to rise up to there). Meanwhile he’s learnt to toss omlettes into the air like a chef at a breakfast counter.

I’ve discovered that the secret to marital bliss is lots of ice cream in the freezer and he knows that a morning without a cup of tea can bring out the grizzly in me! (That rhymes, I think I’ll make it into a poster. What say?) And he’s also realised that all those art projects I begin are not always going to get finished. While horror movies are his thing, crime series are my thang. When I say “You’re my lobster,” he just shakes his head and smiles.

It’s been a mad two years. Am grateful for them and for the love of two families instead of one. I think I may have grown up a little bit too, against my own will. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all. This business of growing up and growing old together. I look forward to it now.

Infectious Creativity: The Third & The Seventh

Directed by Alex Roman
CG | Modelling – Texturing – Illumination – Rendering by Alex Roman
Postproduction & Editing by  Alex Roman
Music | Sequenced, Orchestrated & Mixed by Alex Roman (Sonar & EWQLSO Gold Pro XP); Sound Design by Alex Roman

The Third & The Seventh is one of those films that inspire me every single time I watch them. In this one, each shot is pure perfection. Every angle is pure genius. Tread with caution, not all of us are equipped to handle such beauty – the gorgeousness of it all will steal your breath, it will sting, you will feel a dull ache in your heart, and then you ‘ll just surrender to the power of the artist’s craft. The interplay of light with natural and man-made is surreal.

These are my picks of stills from the film.

You can find more inspiration on the website The Third & The Seventh.
All images are by Alex Roman.

Free printable Farewell card

Lately, I have been thinking about all the people we end up leaving behind when we move to a new place. And how it would be nice to leave a personal message for a friend or two. So I designed two simple farewell cards for an imminent move.

And am sharing them here, just in case you want to drop a line to someone too. They’re super easy to make – print, cut and fold. Download the PDF for the Yellow Card or the Green one from Issuu.

The finished card is 5.5″ x 4.25″ and will fit in a standard A-2 sized envelope when printed at 100%. You can open the file in Adobe Reader which you can download free here.

Of What should be on your bucketlist

Hello, welcome to a brand new week ahead!

This weekend, I finally got the time to do some housekeeping on the blog. You may have noticed the refreshed, summery look. But I’d like to bring to your attention the newly added disclaimer and privacy policy. Do take the time to give them a read. You can find them at the bottom of the right-most column.

Quote discovered from via indu h on Pinterest

On a completely unrelated note, there’s no other inspiration like a dream to look forward to at the beginning of a work week, eh? (Of course, if you’re already living your dream, then you’re probably grinning from ear to ear.) I stumbled onto a fun blog with the most random quizzes. Surprisingly this one – What should be on your Bucketlist – told me exactly what I wanted to know! 

Try a spin at What should be on your Bucketlist. Have a lovely Monday and stop by tomorrow for free printable goodies!