Olympic Non-Events 2012

Image by Jo Klima of August Empress

These are an absolute delight, aren’t they? I came across these illustrations poking fun at the Olympic events icons on this beautiful blog at August Empress.  

The Non-Olympic icons can be found and followed on Tumblr here. Rory, the creator of the witty unofficial Olympic non-events programme, is taking suggestions. If you have any ideas, send your entry to rory@hat-trickdesign.co.uk. 

The Olympic torch has been lit, and is now touring Greece for the next few days. Ooh, what fun! July promises to be full of excitement. It will be raining here in India then, but the Games will be a great way to brighten up the days. 

My favourite events, Gymnastics and Swimming, are lasting through the entire season. Whoohoo. I can barely sit still as I type this…the four year wait is about to be over. 

What are your favourite events at the Olympics?


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