A Little Relish Magazine: Recipes, Restaurants, Cafes

A Little Relish Issue Two is something I just have to share with all of you. If you haven’t seen it already, I suggest you do it as soon as you’ve had a bite to eat, because this gorgeous magazine is a treat for the eyes but punishment for your tummy! The second issue covers quaint cafes and fresh food markets in Montreal alongwith a bunch of delectable recipes that are easy to whip up.

Created by Chantelle Grady, the magazine gives you an interesting peek at the life and culture of Montreal. I have spent a couple of magical afternoons just flipping through the pages covered with beautiful shots of food, bicycles, people, buildings and boulangeries. Montreal is now on my list of places to go to before I kick the bucket.

Just go here to find something to drool over! Don’t miss the recipes for a day-long binge in the morning, noon and night section.


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