Colour Fest – Happy Holi!

Tomorrow is Holi, and so is women’s day. While Holi is the festival of colours, women’s day celebrates women’s achievements and  is an occasion to show respect, appreciation and love to the important women in your life.

Holi is not the most favourite festival for a lot of women I know. I stopped indulging in plastering people with colour way back in my teens. Somehow I just didn’t like the idea. And I feel none of the pride that some of my countrymen do, when covered in a revolting mix of colours from tip to toe. The pink gulaal is the most impactful and pinkish imps abound everywhere days after Holi. Maybe the cultural aspect of the festival is completely lost on me, thanks to my ‘paranoia’ of not wanting to be assaulted by strange men.

But not to put a dampener on the spirit of the celebration of colour, I thought of a good way to still indulge in Holi in my own way. Here’s a little something I drew up to declare my love of colours. I love all the shades and tones of bright, happy, warm, cool colours out there. Neon is my latest passion.

I’d love to know how you celebrate colours and what your favourite colours are. Happy Holi!


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