Rainbow Girl

Whenever I think of her, she reminds me of a whirlwind of colours. She’s the one from whom I learnt that purple can look gorgeous, and that hot pink could be atleast 5 shades of fuchsia. I opened her cupboard and sure enough, each hanger had a streak of the bright hues that she loves. When I think of her, I see a beautiful smile and laughing eyes…actually if I look long enough, she can’t hold the mischief from pouring out of her eyes. She made kohl look like it needed her to survive and become timeless. 

She thinks a lot, talks a lot and thankfully clicks a lot too. Even though she’s my rainbow girl, I’ve found her close-to-monotone pictures most interesting. She loves things which have a story to tell, and if you were to ask me, she captures that story through her work forever. Here are four of my favourites that I picked out for you to enjoy. 

What is your way of telling stories?


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