6 Easy ways to dress up Gifts

Now that the season of giving is here, it’s time to get busy rounding up the gifts you’ve bought. And to add that personal touch, I thought I’d help you with 5 ways to dress up your gifts. I’ve tried to find these keeping in mind the quick access to supplies and the little time they take to create. Have fun making your own versions:

1. These poppy flowers from Creature Comforts are so easy to make and are sure to make the person feel special. 
2. Gorgeous minimalistic burlap bows at For the Love simply say chic. Perfect way to be your understated elegant self. 
3. Another pretty flower gift topper that can cheer up any paper bag by Nice Package. It’s so pretty, it just melts my heart.
4. Okay, so you don’t like fluffy gifts or gift bags. You’d rather make a clean style statement with your gifts. Well then, here’s something that may appeal to you by ManMade.
5. For those of you who would rather use recyclable material for you gift wrapping, I have found something lovely. Here’s an excellent tutorial of a few styles of using Furoshiki, the Japanese traditional wrapping cloth, by Jenn Playford in an interview by furochic on Etsy.
6. If you’re headed to a party and have thoughtfully picked up a bottle of wine to gift, this tag by d.Sharp journal will let you express your love. For the host or the wine, I leave that to you!


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